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Bookmarking just got an upgrade

Wantfeed lets you store and curate things from around the web into your own personal wantlist – kind of like a wishlist but with super powers.

Is your birthday around the corner? But you look so young. Share your WANTLIST with family and friends and they'll know exactly what to get you. Let's put it this way: Wantfeed will stop you from ever getting socks for Christmas again.

We're shaping a perfect world, here, people.

We pay you to want

We pay you to want Imagine being paid simply to want stuff. It sounds too good to be true, right? Well luckily for you, it's not. Here’s how it works; if you list something to Wantfeed and either you or anyone else buys it, then we’ll split the affiliate revenue we receive from that sale with you, 50/50. If you want to know more, just click here and we’ll explain the finer details of how it all works.

You'll want this button

Allow us to introduce you to a new friend: the Wanted button. Drag this cheeky little chap up into your browser toolbar and just let him sit there, quietly smiling from above.

Then whenever you see a must-have item online simply click +Want, and that neato button will do all the rest – pulling prices, pictures and all the relevant information then just pop it in a group and just like magic, it's in your Wantfeed.


Altea one page app

Let's get this party started

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Houston, we have lift off

Social wishlisting platforms don't just happen overnight, you know: Wantfeed took 12 months and a heck of a lot of coffee to get here. But that does not mean we are done. No. No, no, no. Unfortunately for the tame programmer we have out back, we're only just getting started.

And that's where you come in. Here's what we want you to do: sign up for free. Surf the web. Want some things. Make some friends. Decide that, ultimately, you don't want something, and unwant it. Change your mind. Change it back. Buy something. Live your life. Get the app.

Seriously, get the app. Because Wantfeed is run by a core team whose key mission in life is to help you find that perfect leather jacket and share it with your friends.

And the best way for us to help you do that is for you to use Wantfeed, then break the Wantfeed, then ask for us to fix Wantfeed only this time make it better.

If you have any suggestions for features, tweet us and we'll make them happen. If you have any ideas, tweet us and we'll make them happen. If you don't have Twitter, e-mail us and we'll make it happen. Either way: we're here for you, buddy.