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Now, everyone gets paid to want

The past few months, we've been busy working on a brand new feature that, in effect, allows you to earn money just by Wanting things.

I've been overwhelmed by your support in helping Wantfeed grow, and we want to make it worth your while to want even more awesome stuff.

So from now on every time if you list a product on Wantfeed from one of the 17,703 stores we're affiliated with, and someone buys it, we'll pay you.

We'll email you every time someone buys one of your Wants, and once you've reached £50 you can cash out and we'll send you a nice cheque in the post.

Oh, and feel free to call yourself a professional wanter.

How does it work?

You want it, someone buys it, we pay you.

Each product you post on Wantfeed has a tracking code, unique to you, attached to it; so when someone buys the product, the shop it was listed from will give us a % of the sale as a way of saying thank you for helping to sell their stuff.

Sites like ours will normally keep that % for themselves, but we want to do things differently and share that % with you, so we're splitting it.

Luckily, we don't have any profit-chasing investors or expensive swanky office space, which means we are free to give back to the people that mean the most to us - you guys.


What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

Affiliate Marketing is a method by which advertisers get partners to help promote their products. By using cookies (no not the delicious kind) the advertisers can track which site sent a customer to them, then if that customer makes a sale they give back a proportion of that sale to the original website. This is traditionally awarded on a “Last Click Basis” which essentially means the last website to refer the customer gets the commission.”

What does 'pending and approved' mean?

The stores will only release the funds 90 days after the sale is made; this is to ensure the customer doesn't return the item to the store for a full refund. The status of your money will therefore be 'pending until it's released by the store, when it will change to 'approved'.

I can't see how much money I've made?

As soon as someone has bought something from your Wantfeed the commission will activate and you'll be able to see it on your profile page.

What if I buy something from my own Wantfeed, will I still make commission then?

Yes, providing you are the original lister and its not a rewant then you'll make the commission.

How much do you split the commission by?

We wanted to keep it nice and fair so its split 50/50.

I know someone bought something from my Wantfeed but I cant see the commission.

We are currently affiliated with over 17,000 stores but some do not use affiliates. Firstly check to see if the store is listed and has a tick next to it in our stores list: - If it does have a tick then please email us with the order ID and transaction date so we can try and track it down. [email protected]

If someone rewants my product will I make commission on that product?

Yes, the product will retain your unique ID however many times it's rewanted by other users you will earn commission on each sale.

How much will I make on each product?

The commission paid from each store varies but can be anywhere between 5% and 20%.

How can I grow on Wantfeed?

There are plenty of ways. You can create gift guides on Wantfeed then embed those directly into your blog or website, you can paste a banner (code in settings page) into your blog. But the best way is just being a regular wanter that finds amazing products and get your products trending.

When can I cash out?

Once you've made a minimum £50 of approved commission you can cash out and we'll either send you a cheque or wire you the money. Please email us at [email protected] to let us know when and where you want your money.

Something is broken!

Oh dear, ok well please can you let us know all about it so we can get it fixed: