So what is Wantfeed all about then?

Our Mission

The Wantfeed mission is simple; we partner with innovative and creative small businesses to create Wantfeed, a digital village of like-minded local makers to service you, a discriminating community of searchers, supporters and pioneers.


Supporting Small Business

The Wantfeed team have experience of working with all sorts of businesses, big, small and start up. 

Our passion, however, is to help small makers and creators achieve their business dreams by supporting them with an enhanced level of personally focused service, from copywriting, product shots and video to digital marketing and microsites. 

We use our combined skillset in promoting our partners’ work to reach a receptive audience and leave them to do what they do best, produce simply great products.

Less is more

The Wantfeed village is deliberately curated with hand-picked brands that we think you’ll love. Working with fewer brands means two things: we can deliver you better quality, more diverse sellers and we can give our partners, the sellers, more time, resource, and support to get their small business moving in the right direction. 

We don’t want to oversaturate our marketplace which, in turn, enables us to understand the needs of each business better, and means we can curate great, personally selected products for our community. 

As a customer, you’ll see us seasonally introduce new categories, having learnt what you love, and also give the shops we already host the support to extend and grow.


What's so special about Wantfeed

The Wantfeed village is designed to be an extraordinary destination, connecting you to our partners: we want you to feel that you’ve found a place that you’ll return to again and again for a truly exceptional experience of discovery. 

For our sellers, it’s a safe place to feel ambitious, supported and understood. Everyone starts small, but not everyone gets to start and it’s our job to help you find each other.

Team Wantfeed

We may be a small internal team but we have 965 seed investors who are part of this journey too.

Stefan Michalak
CEO / Founder
Rich Phillips
CEO / Founder
Screenshot 2021-08-12 at 12.29.24
Laura Ridgers
Social Strategist 
Niraj Bhatt
Rhiannon Thomas
Brand Director

The Wantfeed Timeline


The first Wantfeed prototype was launched.
After a year of beta testing, Wantfeed was pitched at 3 beards in London.


Richard Philips came on board as my business partner and we ran a successful seed funding campaign. 


We rebuilt the entire platform and created the Wantfeed app.

With 74k users registered and over 600k products uploaded, it was time to move onto the final evolution.


Wantfeed becomes a 'Community Marketplace' - a platform dedicated to helping our community get the exposure they deserve by leveraging not only the data we've collected over the past 7 years but our experience in marketing.

More about Wantfeed

If you want to learn more about the journey of Wantfeed, then please feel free to kick back and have a read of our blogs.