Join a collective of amazing people selling amazing things.

Over the 8 year lifespan of Wantfeed we’ve been closely following our community of almost 76,000 users, learning what brands & products they love.

At the same time I've also been talking to independent sellers to find out what they want from a marketplace and the feedback is often the same. They don’t want to feel lost in a vast database and feel like their unsupported. 

Wantfeed doesn't just want to give our sellers a platform to sell on, we also want to give them our community.

That's why all profits made by wantfeed are invested into granular targeted marketing campaigns which will direct people to your store.

For example if you sell chocolate coated coffee beans we’ll put you in front of coffee drinkers who like eating chocolate. 

Luckly the data we've been collecing over hte years lets us do just that. 

Our job at Wantfeed is simple, we're here to help you sell your product or service, so you have the freedom to do what you do best.

Stef Michalak


Now let's get you on board.