As a Wantfeed seller, you will need to have your own Shop policy available to any potential buyers.
Our advice is to make this transparent and easy to read which should prevent any confusion or ensuing disputes.

We’ve made a checklist of things that should be included within the Policy to help you create your own policies.


1. Delivery


Please let buyers know:

– How long it is likely to be for you to dispatch purchased products
– which delivery company you use (delivery charges will be specified on each listing)
– if your delivery company provides tracking, the process for the customer to receive this

– estimated delivery time
– what to do if an item isn’t received
– what to do if an item is delivered unusable condition
Please note that, initially, Wantfeed is just offering UK delivery only. This will be reviewed over the next few months once we have clarity on global shipping costs.


– Please let buyers know
– How their class or service will be delivered
– How does any appointment system works
– What your cancellation policy is for any appointments or classes
– What to do if any technology required for the class or service fails
– What equipment or environment the buyer needs to have to complete the class or service

2. Refund & Returns


Please let buyers know:

– What items are eligible for return
– What items are ineligible for return (e.g. food & beverage, hygiene products, perishables)
– What your return policy is (please note that for items eligible return, a 14 day returns window must be offered). See more information about Return obligations here.
– Method of return / who pays for postage
– Timeframe for refunds
– Any conditions for buyers outside the UK / EU


Please let buyers know:

– Are items refundable, under what conditions and timeframe- Contact details for changes or cancellation
– If you offer refunds what is the method and timeframe

3. Privacy Policy

As you will be dealing directly with customer data, we require all shops to have a Privacy Policy that adheres to the GDPR guidelines. You will need to include:
– the personal information you collect;
– the legal basis you rely on to collect, use, and share personal information collected from customers and those giving you their data;
– the third parties with whom you share personal information (e.g. your CRM provider);
– the length of time you keep personal information;
– if you’re transferring personal information outside Europe (if you have an overseas HQ or 3 rd party which stores your data) and how the transfer of data will be managed;
– your buyers’ rights regarding your use of their personal information (e.g. removal or amendment)
– your contact details for privacy-related requests.
We encourage all Shops to familiarise themselves with GDPR legislation and to seek legal counsel if you require it.

4. FAQs

We advise shops to have an FAQ section which could include:

– All your shipping/delivery information
– Any information about products or services that are ineligible for return
– Allergy advice
– Information about your products including materials, manufacture, packaging and shipping
– Any pertinent information about IP
– Any information about shipping overseas

5. More Information

You should make it easy for buyers to contact you to ask questions, chase their orders or to give feedback. Please ensure your manned contact details are visible within your shop policy.

You should also include your registered business name, number (if applicable) and registered business address plus your VAT number.

Please note: We’re not lawyers. We’re providing guidance for your Shop policy, and this should not be regarded as legal advice. The author and Wantfeed disclaim any and all responsibility resulting in losses, damage or causes of action connected with the use of these materials. If you have questions, please refer these to a member of the
legal profession.