Pips & Small Coffee

On a rainy afternoon in mid-November, Amie MacNab-Jack embraced that sweet silence of naptime and decided to venture into something totally new.

She curated an online community on Instagram of fellow sleep-deprived parents, muddling their way through a worldwide pandemic in her local area of Bath. 

She found something her new community had in common, a profound love for coffee. 

So she decided a new coffee company Sips & Slides. 

We were so impressed with what Amie had created in her kid's nap time that we brought her into the Wantfeed community & set her up a new coffee subscription service.

We're your number one fan.

Here's the thing, we don't just want to give people like Amie a platform to sell their amazing products or services on, we want to build a close symbiotic relationship with all our verified stores and together figure out ways to grow their business together.

Sips and Slides is just one example of the many incredible independent businesses out there doing amazing things and we want to support them all the way & sing about them from the rooftops. 

Wantfeed from the start has always been about exposing incredible products and that's not changed, the only difference is now those products we're exposing are from our community.


Sound cool, can I join too?

We need to be confient that each our our verfied stores can get the support they need so we only bring new sellers on every quarter.

That way our sellers aren't drowned out and we have enough time to build a holistic relationship with each seller.

Our next onboarding session will be Winter 2021 so if you'd like to be considered for that please apply and we'll be in touch in due course.