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We are Scott & Laura.

A married couple who are taking a step towards making a dream a reality. We always wanted to start a business together, we'd both developed a huge range of skills from our working careers and we wanted to apply them to something of our own. We just didn't know what, when or how…



Laura fell pregnant in the Spring of 2018, and in May, we took a trip to a chic boutique hotel in Zante for a ‘Babymoon'. It was whilst lazing by the pool, listening to the best chill out vibes, and talking shop that we both realised we were passionate about sourcing and offering design-led products that looked cool, were sustainable, and affordable. We quickly focused on baby products as it was something we were both suddenly heavily invested in. After much research, we discovered that there were few people in the UK offering design-led baby products that weren't directly shipped from Scandinavian countries, somewhere notorious for their uber cool, simplistic and practical design ethics.

We flew home, life suddenly got in the way, and then months later (and 18 years apart!), our second son arrived.

We named him August, after the month we got married. When he was only days old, he would make the cutest noises which we quickly identified, sounded like a Penguin! The nicknames started… Pen-gweeney, Pen-gween-ee-oh, Pen-shwarny… He was OUR very own little Penguin.

It wasn't until he started weening that we started looking to buy spoons for him. It was then that we discovered the silicone and bamboo offerings found on numerous websites. They were reasonably inexpensive, seemed to be sustainable but the payoff was that they were only available in the garish, brightest colours imaginable. They didn't really fit in with our style or the colours of our home. However we bought a few and quickly discovered they had a few faults we didn’t anticipate. The bamboo wore really badly after washing and the silicone spoon ends would come off. We weren’t impressed.

This was our moment. What if we could source, manufacture and sell our own weaning spoons? Ones that we would buy as parents if they were available. Ones that were inspired by Scandinavian style, looked cool, were sustainable and were affordable. The idea was born and after months of research, product and packaging design began.

It was whilst eating a Mr Freeze ice pop in the summer of 2019 that we got the name. Scott happened to see on the wrapper that it had a little ‘Frosty Fact'. “Did you know the world's smallest Penguin is called the Little Blue and it comes from New Zealand”. We got our name.

We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we do. They were born out of love and a desire to find the best as a parent for our little one, and something that fitted with us and our home.


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