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I’m Katie and I graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2017 with a first-class degree in Neuroscience, coming top of my year. I have now been tutoring for nearly 4 years and I am loving it. Since school, I have always loved maths and science, which led me to choose maths, physics and chemistry alongside philosophy and ethics for A-Level. It was this, coupled with my interest in people and how we work, that meant Neuroscience was the perfect degree for me.

Why me?

I believe that a tutor needs to be more than just good at the subjects they teach but that the key to tutoring is being able to explain the content in a creative, simple and accessible way. I am very easy going and light-hearted, in an effort for students to really enjoy the sessions and to not see me as their school teachers, but as someone who they can ask any question – however silly they think it is.

From my experience of tutoring over 50 students, I know that many students can put in the hours and yet not see this translate into their grades. In my sessions, I aim to cover course content to identify weaknesses, address them and then quickly move onto exam-style questions, dealing with gaps in understanding as they arise, so the student becomes used to the type of questions they could get well before any exam. I am, however, flexible to any style of learning you wish to use.

I believe that encouragement is so important and I always aim to create an encouraging and ‘just try again’ environment, celebrating even small victories. I have taught a wide range of students, from those who struggle with basic concepts and helping them grow in confidence and skill, to students who want to be challenged to go further than the classroom allows. I treat each student individually, working with them and/or parents to come up with a plan to achieve their specific goals.

Since March 2020, I have had extensive experience teaching online and really enjoyed learning how to make online lessons just as productive and helpful for my students. I now find teaching online very smooth and love the added benefits it brings of convenience and ease of using and sharing external resources. I have years of experience teaching to all the UK GCSE exam boards and I have taught students who are doing the international baccalaureate (up to year 11 standard) and functional skills mathematics.


I have spent nearly 4 years tutoring 50+ students, here’s what some of them had to say:

“I needed to enhance my maths skills as part of my work based apprenticeship. I had already had two failed attempts (close but not close enough) at the level 2 functions skills maths exam and was beginning to lose confidence. I saw Katie’s profile and felt really happy when going to meet her as she ticked all the boxes in what I was looking for in a tutor. I had 3 maybe 4 sessions with her and in that time I learnt so much. She showed me how to break things down and approach problems at an angle I hadn’t used before. Her sessions helped me grow in confidence and I was delighted when I passed my exam with an 83% pass mark. I never thought I would be able to do so well in a maths test. Thank you Katie. I would recommend you to anyone” Hannah

“Katie is an excellent maths teacher and injects such a positive attitude into the teaching of maths to my maths phobic daughter who is studying for her GCSE’s. Katie is always one hundred per cent positive, punctual and inspirational and my daughter has nothing but praise and appreciation for Katie’s energy and enthusiasm and looks forward to her after school online lessons with Katie. I can highly recommend Katie!” Christopher

“Katie is a wonderful and patient tutor who knows many styles of teaching and carefully explained various things to my daughter in different ways until she understood and felt confident in attempting them. My daughter felt safe, understood and able to speak up when she couldn’t do something or was confused by an explanation meaning she really trusted Katie as she suffers with anxiety, without trust she would have just sat and listened not spoken up or asked for additional help or explanation. Katie is very calm and clear when speaking to the pupil and has a no rush attitude. Fabulous tutor I highly recommend her.” Frances

“Katie has been my tutor for about a year and a half now and I can’t begin to explain how my understanding of GCSE chemistry has gotten so much better. She’s very patient when it comes to me answering questions and always has a solution. I’ve got nothing bad to say! I would 100% recommend!” Aleyna

“Katie is a fabulous tutor. We had Katie every Friday from September through to the last exam and she was always reliable, full of enthusiasm and very professional. My daughter is very quiet but Katie easily put her at ease and definitely gave her confidence and great tutoring each week. I would highly recommend Katie to anyone.” Fiona

“Katie came highly recommended & we were not disappointed. She was very professional, friendly & helpful. Katie was able to simplify questions & give a better understanding of a subject. My son gained confidence & was able to approach his exams in a much calmer & methodical manner.” Maria

“I have a GCSE age son and the lessons made a genuine difference to his understanding of the subject and also his confidence. Katie is positive and supportive whilst challenging Ollie with new ideas and a different perspective on his syllabus. It is really helping him. The lessons were well planned, pitched at the right level and focused on areas of the syllabus that my son was less confident with. I would strongly recommend Katie” Matthew

“Katie was very helpful for my daughter who needed some gaps filling in GCSE Physics. Katie has a very approachable personality and her teaching style is easy to follow; she explains everything clearly and concisely. Thank you Katie for your assistance and at such short notice!” Suzy

“Katie is friendly, reliable and great at explaining chemistry in a clear way. Nothing was too much trouble and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.” Vanessa

“My son has made good progress with Katie. He feels more confident in class as a result of the maths sessions and feels better able to work independently. Katie is professional and easy going and we would recommend her.” Sally

“We have used Katie as a tutor for both my son and daughter and found her to be very knowledgeable, accommodating and a very pleasant. Both my children were struggling with chemistry and she has helped them both to achieve the results that they needed.” Viv

“Katie is a great tutor really friendly and easy going approach with excellent one to one skills and good knowledge of the curriculum. She is reassuring and at the same time highly knowledgeable and keen to help.” Rachel

“We were pleased with the support and tutoring that Katie provided for our daughter in the subjects of Maths and Science. She was always punctual, reliable and she helped our daughter with her confidence in both subjects.” Louisa

“Katie has consistently and reliably provided high quality tutoring that generated marked improvements.” John

“Katie was very helpful and explained the work well in a clear and easily understandable way. I found it very easy to work with Katie.” Matthew

“Katie is helping my daughter with Maths (year 8) and we are very happy with her progress. My daughter finds her easy to learn from and very friendly” Patrick

“Katie is a very friendly and patient tutor. She is able to give many examples when teaching and gives positive feedback in each session.” Molly

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