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My name is Laura and ‘Potential Trail' is an independent online-tuition company, delivered through Google Meet, with a mission of utilising education to promote self-development and reinstate natural curiosity. I have 4 years of tuition experience and currently hold an enhanced DBS with work experience both in person and online with a range of ages and abilities. The process of setting up my own little company has allowed me to promise a personal and nurturing approach to education classes. I can promise a personal approach where teaching style is adapted to the individual student and hope to promote a healthier and stress-free approach to additional tuition out-side of school. Courses on offer include:

  • Primary education Maths
  • Primary education English
  • 11+ exam preparation
  • Secondary education Maths
  • Secondary education English
  • GCSE English literature and Language
  • Creative Writing

Building relationships with my students is incredibly important to me. This means the initial session will be free specifically for us both to get to know each other and to give students an opportunity to decide their individual goals themselves rather than sole focus on academic grades. Although academic aspects are important and considered by nature of the classes delivered, sessions will never be a succession of completing an academic checklist, but instead focus on obtaining a through and broadened understanding. Therefore, self-established goals can create an environment where students are proud of their accomplishments, enjoy learning new new concepts and are inquisitive to broaden their skills. My teaching experience transcends academic subjects and incorporates creative and self expressive skills, such as performance, creative writing and art. I find that creative elements within tuition sessions encourages students to find their own voice, demonstrate what they have learnt and eradicate pressure of expectations.  This a sense control of their academic success, invokes a positive attitude towards learning and it is just incredible to see my students build confidence in themselves.

In order to achieve this, I pride myself in detailed and consistent communication between myself and my students as well as with parents (both verbal and written, depending on individual preference). This means that, despite perhaps weekly, or twice weekly sessions, my emails are always open for queries or questions to act as a safe space for my parents and/or students to be initiative with their learning and feel comforted that personal requests can be acted on and tackled as they need and at a self-set pace.

Below are some comments from my current students and parents.

“My daughter has been really enjoying her tutoring lessons. Laura has really brought out her confidence since starting her lessons and that has helped her out so much in school as well. Laura makes the lessons fun and engaging and is really bringing out the best in my daughter's learning ability. The really lovely thing for us as parents is to see our child looking forwards to her lessons each week and seeing her confidence grow!” – parent of a child taking an 11+ Preparation Course and Primary education Maths Course

“Laura is the perfect tutor – I couldn't be more pleased with the progress of my child and the improvement to his attitude towards academic work. Laura is meticulous in her work and highly organised which makes communication between us and her seamless. Her patience and professionalism is mirrored with the obvious love for her job, and her affable nature allows my child to feel at ease to ask questions which only develops his confidence within himself further” – parent of a child taking a Secondary education Maths Course

“Laura's lessons are easy to understand because she is clear and methodical when explaining tricky concepts. I always feel comfortable confiding areas I want to work on as well because she  utilises example questions to break down tricky questions and highlight clues to look out for when I attempt independent work. This has helped so much for exam preparation as I feel more confident in myself planning my English answers or setting out my working out for maths work.” – student taking a GCSE English Language and Literature Course and a GCSE Maths Course

Looking forward to hearing from you – drop me an email at [email protected] for more information.

Happy learning,


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