What is this new sexy looking Wantfeed all about then?

The three pillars of Wantfeed.

Imagine if Etsy, Fiverr, and Skillshare all had a love
child…Well, it would look a lot like Wantfeed.

Working together

We work with each and every store on Wantfeed, helping them across the board with anything from copywriting, product shots, video marketing etc. all so they can focus on what they do best.

Less is more

We don’t want to oversaturate our marketplace –
which is why we only bring on new approved sellers every quarter.

What's so special about Wantfeed

Not only do we work closely with each vendor, we build customised microsites into our marketplace.

Our mission

We're a marketplace that really cares about our community.

When I asked our community what they wanted from a marketplace they told me they didn't want to feel lost in a vast database or be ignored.
Here at Wantfeed we work with each and every store, helping them get the recognition they deserve.

The Wantfeed timeline:

Finally, Wantfeed is at the final stage of its evolution.


The first Wantfeed prototype was launched.
After a year of beta testing, Wantfeed was pitched at 3 beards in London.


Richard Philips came on board as my business partner and we ran a successful seed funding campaign. 


We rebuilt the entire platform and created the Wantfeed app.

With 74k users registered and over 600k products uploaded it was time to move onto the final evolution. 


Wantfeed becomes a 'Community Marketplace' - A platform dedicated to helping our community get the exposure they deserve by leveraging not only the data we've collected over the past 7 years but our experience in marketing.