Hey, I'm Stef,


The founder of Wantfeed.

You're reading this page because you're one of a few people I've found that I believe would be a great fit for our new community marketplace that I'll be launching in a few weeks time.

So I guess I should first explain what Wantfeed is and why I reached out to you.

Wantfeed is a brand new invite-only community marketplace where you can find anything and everything from Zoom calls with therapists, original art, copywriting, personal training programs through to a weekly coffee bean subscriptions.

Unlike other crowded marketplaces, I want all our Verified Stores to feel valued and appreciated so I work with each and every Verified Store on the website to make sure they feel that way.

So with that in mind, this is a formal invite to the new Wantfeed Community marketplace and be one of our launch partners. Whoop!


So where do you go from here?

Ok enough jibber-jabber – It’s time to create your new Wantfeed Verified Store where we can sell your product or service.

Don't worry, its super easy and I’ll be right here to help you if you run into any issues or have any questions.

Please note that I'm still super busy working on the platform as a whole so don your digital hard hat and ignore any wires or sparks you may come across.

Oh and please don’t share the website or your new Verified Store with anyone until we go live or you’ll make a grown man cry, you don’t want to do that do you?!


The first step is to go here:


2. Add your details, choose the free ‘trial subscription’ package, press register then place the order – Don’t worry, it costs £0, so it won’t charge you anything.

3. Wait for me to approve your store so you can start uploading your products or service.

Tips for your new Wantfeed Store

You’ll now be taken to your new dashboard management page, where you can add products, track sales, run promotions, see who's following you etc..

If you click on Settings at the bottom you can style up your page by uploading your banner image, your logo, your about copy and all your social links etc.


From here, this is what I’d recommend:

● Uploading between 4-12 products / services is a good place to start

● Consider just uploading your best sellers if you’re already selling on another platform.

● If you don’t have at least 4 things to sell, think about how you could.

Perhaps you could sell a course or subscription as one of your products, perhaps you could offer a 1-1 class as one of your products. (Remember, you can sell digital goods, physical products, subscriptions – anything & everything you want)

Once you’ve uploaded your products or services and styled up your page that's when I can come in and see if it needs any fine-tuning.

I’ll manually review each and every store page on the platform.

Remember this is very much a community platform, and in our community, we have copywriters, graphic designers and other talented people that can help make sure your message is coming across in the right way and you're not missing any tricks.


Over To Us

Once we’ve got your store looking great then it's time for me to find you the traffic.

For that, I have some data geeks who will be using the 8 years worth of data we’ve been collecting from the existing Wantfeed platform to make sure your store is seen by the right people.

You can track on your dashboard your page impressions and followers, which I’ll be trying to find for you, with not only target marketing but promotions and giveaways.

But it doesn't stop there. You’ll soon be invited to a private Facebook group along with all the other Verified stores, we’ll be running live streams where I answer questions, talk to entrepreneurs and social strategists to help make sure our community is getting the help and support they need.

Things are going to be a little busy around here, so it might take me a little longer to reply to your emails than usual so please be patient with me.

I’m putting all my time into Wantfeed right now so rest assured, the platform will be up and running soon.

Really excited to work with you on this and I can’t wait to see your new store page.

Much love,


Stef Michalak